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First of all, thanks for stopping by our web site. This website is meant to act as a meeting place for our current Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs). Here they can download teaching resources, find out about upcoming events in their areas, bounce teaching ideas (and questions) off of each other, or maybe just find a little community.

If you do not currently work for ALTIA CENTRAL, but are interested in becoming an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan, then we would like to encourage you to visit our new recruiting website.

You can visit the new recruiting website by clicking on this link.

On our recruiting website, you will find information on what it is like to be an Assistant Language Teacher with ALTIA CENTRAL and a listing of the positions that are currently open. Also, you can download issues of our recruiting newsletter, which will tell you a little more about ALTIA CENTRAL, our company philosophy, and even give you a few hints toward starting a new life as an ALT.

Once again, we thank you for visiting ALTIA CENTRAL's websites, and we hope that your visit is an informative one.

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